He complimented her on her new dress

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  1. ChicoAnimado Senior Member

    Hello friends.

    I'm trying to find the correct verb in Russian to mean here 'compliment'. It's trying to say that he tried to make her feel good by telling her she looked nice in the dress.

    Here goes my shot:

    Он ей сказал комплимент на своё новое платье.

    Thank you!
  2. viesis Senior Member

    Он сделал ей комплимент по поводу её нового платья.
    Он сделал комплимент её новому платью.
  3. learnerr Senior Member

    "Он похвалил её новое платье" is the most direct way to say that.
    Your shot is incorrect, because it means his dress, not her dress, and artificial, because it gives so much attention to the directly explained details of his action, that he may seem an Emperor of France, but mainly because the preposition "на" is a poor choice here. With the preposition "об" ("об её новом платье") the phrase would sound less pompous, but no less funny and still artificial.

    PS: cross-posted. I like viesis' suggestions in that they express well what was asked.
  4. ChicoAnimado Senior Member

    Thank you!
    I get that the first one is slightly more formal than second one?
  5. ChicoAnimado Senior Member

    Thanks for your comment. My Russian is still poor, but isn't that more like saying that the dress is beautiful rather than saying that SHE looked good in the dress? For that, "комплимент" maybe was what I was looking for.
  6. learnerr Senior Member

    It means both. The difference is that "сделал комплимент" is more likely to involve also a thought about flirting. Especially in the first form of those that were suggested.
  7. viesis Senior Member

    Yes, unnecessarily formal, I'd say. The second one is a better Russian, in my opinion.
  8. ChicoAnimado Senior Member

    Thanks a lot!

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