he could set up housekeeping

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  1. raffavita

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    Hi everybody,
    can you help me with this expression?

    A man is wondering whether he will never manage to feel comfortable in the place he's been sent to.

    He's very unhappy and recognizes that whatever effort will be useless, because of his own misery.

    Then he thinks:
    "He could set up housekeeping there."
    It's sarcastic.

    But what' s the use of the verb "set up" here?

    Forse "mettere su casa?"

    Thank you in advance.
  2. k_georgiadis

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    English (AE)
    To set up = to makes arrangements for something, to establish, to put in place.
  3. giovannino

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    Your guess seems to be correct:

    set up housekeeping to start living in a place. After a honeymoon in Georgia, the newlyweds set up housekeeping in Washington. Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms
  4. raffavita

    raffavita Senior Member

    Thank you very much.

    "Mettere su casa" seems correct, then.

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