He does take the odd illegal subsatance just to try them out


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The sentence is referring to a movie set in Ireland, in which some drug-traffickers are trying to get a big pack from the sea. There is a local police officer very peculiar (kind of disappointed with men and everything) with a very strict code. The sentence defines him:

His main flaws are that he's close-up, he's a bit of a maverick and he does take the odd illegal substance just to try them out.

The part that worries me : "he does take the odd illegal substance just to try them out" is a little odd for me". In the movie he is not seen taking drug at all (only he puts some minimal portion on his tongue with a finger from a little bag he finds into a pocket of a boy killed in a traffic accdient. He empties the rest)

Is the sentence saying "...toma la extraña substancia ilegal, tan sólo para ponerlos a prueba."

Being "them" the drug-traffickers" ?

Thanks for your help.
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    No. Es que en este sentido la palabra 'odd' signífica 'de vez en cuando.' Es decir, el hombre consuma substancias ilegales de vez en cuando, para ponerlas a prueba. Lo de 'ponerlas a prueba' se pronuncia con ironía :).


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    Muchas gracias. Esta acepción de "odd" es propiamente irlandesa o es una expresión del inglés en general?


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    Es frecuente en inglés de Inglaterra.
    Por ejemplo, 'He likes the odd beer'. Le gusta una cerveza de vez en cuando.
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