He entered from the front door.


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Hello everyone,

This is a sentence that requires to be put right:
He entered from the front door.

I know "enter" is usually an transitive verb, so "from" should be crossed out.
But is "He entered the front door. " correct? I think the right version is "He entered the house from the front door ."

Can one say "enter the door"? It seems ridiculous.

What do you think of the sentence?

Many many thanks
  • Yichen

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    Thank you both.

    This kind of questions usually requires only place be corrected.
    Whatever, "through" is good advice and it should be:
    He entered the house through the front door.:)
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    Walk through the door is just as ridiculous as “enter the door”, if you think about it. But it’s idiomatic, whereas “enter the door” isn’t.

    In practice, of course, all that’s normally needed is “He came/went in” (or “into the house”).
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