He etched forever in print the harsh reality of life

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    At the mouth of the Shannon, Frank McCourt etched forever in print the harsh reality of life in Limerick City, set in a time more recent that we would like to remember, in his novel “Angela’s Ashes”, which was transferred into a major motion picture.

    E' una frase troppo lunga ( strano) e non riesco a mettere bene in fila i concetti.
    Io l'ho tradotta così:

    Alla foce del fiume Shannon, Frank McCourt impresse per sempre la dura vita rurale di Limerick, inserita in un passato recente che non vorremmo ricordare, nelle pagine del suo romanzo “le ceneri di Angela” da cui fu tratto uno dei più famosi film.

    Che ne dite?

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    "Major motion picture" doesn't necessarily mean famous, but one that starred "name" actors and was promoted by its studio, i.e., people are likely to have heard of it, but not necessarily to have seen it or have a high opinion of it, which is what the word famous tends to imply.

    The meaning of set here is this one:

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