he gave a fair pour


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Pudge was a would-be comedian with saggy Rodney Dangerfield cheeks. Not all that funny, but he gave a fair pour. ‘That was some real food for thought, Carson. I look forward to discussing all this with my sister at Thanksgiving dinner.’

Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen & Owen King
Context: Early hours in a bar. Carson was sermonising to his drinking buddies and listeners, belittling womenfolk. Pudge, bartender and owner is Crason’s ex-brother in law.

pour is a verb and not a noun, right? to give a pour sounds like to give a speech, homily, a sermon, a discourse, right? What does the bolded mean in your own words?

Thank you.
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    I read "a fair pour" to be the amount of alcohol a bartender poured into your glass before serving it. In this case, especially considering the location, I see "a fair pour" to mean that he was doing his best as a comedian and it was to be appreciated for that. He was giving decent value.
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