he gave birth to a child

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    No, probably not. "He" refers to a man. A man cannot give birth to a child.

    She gave birth to a child.
    His child was born.

    "He" can give birth to something in a metaphorical sense, but this doesn't seem to be the case in your sentence.


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    On top of the obvious impossibility of males giving birth, "to a child" is redundant. As far as I know, humans cannot bear adults - only children.


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    I think that "giving birth to a child" would be in the sense that "birth" is a gift being given to the child.
    That's an interesting philosophical speculation, but in standard or colloquial English, "He gave birth to a child" is simply wrong because it is, shall we say, biologically too difficult. I have never come across the figurative usage you suggest, and would find it very strained.
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