He got all muddled up about what went where.


Hello everyone!

I am learner, intermediate level. I found out the sentence in the title as an example of use of the verb "muddle" inside a famous dictionary:

"He got all muddled up about what went where."

In the sentence anything is ok for me tiil "what went where". I really don't understand what it means.

Maybe the meaning could be as follow: "He got all muddled up about where he was going".......

Anyway what makes me confused is the sequence "what went where", it seems to me so strange.

Could anybody help me with any examples to show me that such a sentence makes sense?

Thank you!
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    I read it as "what things belonged in which places." He was unsure about where to put things, perhaps, or how to put together the pieces of something to be built.

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    Edit: About the use of the verb "to go" in this situation:

    "Where do these dishes go?" is equivalent to "Where do these dishes belong?" ("Where should I put them?")

    "Oh, I thought they went over here" equals "Oh, I thought that they belonged over here."
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    The trouble with examples in dictionaries is that they are torn out of context.
    Think of "went" meaning "belonged" here. Imagine that he has dismantled a sewing machine and is now trying to put it together again. All the pieces are mixed up and he couldn't remember where they all went (where they were supposed to go).



    Yes! I see! You're right! I've been thinking a lot about that but - I don't kno why - I cannot manage it...
    Your kindness is very appreciated.
    Many thanks

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