He has animated the twisted structure

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Blue Apple

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Does the bold section imply "In this painting he has given life to a devastated structure and has created a kind of presence that both threatens life and calls the possibility of new life. In fact, he looked at the ruins of the war with hope during air bombardments"?

Graham Sutherland was one of the century’s major British artists. After peace came, he designed the tapestry Christ in Glory for the new Coventry Cathedral. Responding to suffering and loss through art could be difficult for him – even drawing his own possessions damaged by bombs in the East End. Thus his 1941 image of a twisted lift (or elevator) shaft, painted just north of St Paul’s Cathedral, suggests something positive emerging from the area’s devastation. He has animated the twisted structure, creating a presence that both threatens new life and implies its possibility. He explored the deserted, foul-smelling area with growing confidence during the Blitz (Art and War by Laura Brandon).
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