He has been gone a long time

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  1. Abu Talha Senior Member

    If you want to remark on someone's absence that he has been gone a long time, can you say

    لَطالت غيبتُه.
    لَطالما غاب.


    Are these idiomatic?

  2. DireStraits1

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    I would use : طالت غيبتُه or طال غيابه without adding "ل"

    طالما غاب has more or less the same meaning but it's always used in sentences:
    Ex. :
    استعادة شيء طالما غاب عن المنطقة - Recovering something that (has been absent for a long time) we missed in this region.

  3. Abu Talha Senior Member

    Thank you DireStraits1.

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