he has cooked his goose.

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He has cooked his goose.
It would like to know if this english phrase which means he has lost all his privelages due to his own actions, has a french equivalent saying.
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    french France
    avec ce sens :
    and swore he would “cook his goose,” by which he meant he would ruin him, or put an end to his mortal existence.

    faire sa fête à quelqu'un, pourrir la vie à quelqu'un
    il lui a fait sa fête
    il lui a pourri la vie


    rogerw: May we please have the context for this sentence? Who is saying it about whom, and in what situation? (What has just happened that provoked this comment?)
    Without context, we cannot know if it means "he has cooked someone else's goose", or "he has cooked his own goose".


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    My dog has had his freedom to roam around and greet people on a motorhome park in Portugal. He is generally very friendly and well liked. However a new dog has arrived which he took an instant dislike to and he became agressive towords it. As a result he has now been tied up. He has cooked his goose.
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