he has not experienced this in the past

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I would like to say 'Man is destined for freedom but the sentence explains he has not experienced this in the past.'

My attempt: L'homme est destine(/) a la liberte mais la phrase explique qu'il n'a pas appris ca dans la passe.

What I'm struggling with is 'THIS' he has not experienced this. Also not sure if apprendre is the right verb to express this.

Can anyone offer any helpful advice?
  • Fred_C

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    French does not like demonstratives very much where plain pronouns can be used.
    "Il ne l'a pas apprise dans le passé".

    You can say "faire l'expériende de quelque chose" to mean "to experience something". (And the pronoun will become "en")
    "Il n'en a pas fait l'expérience dans le passé.
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