He is a genius tennis player.


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1. He is a genius tennis player.

2. He is a tennis genius.

3. He is a tennis talent.

These sentences were made by me. I wonder if they are correct or not.

Many thanks in advance.
  • Barque

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    I wouldn't be surprised to hear either of the first two in casual speech. The third sounds a little off.


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    In AE, "genius" does not mean "a person with exceptional ability". That is only in BE.

    In AE, "genius" is only mental ability. Tennis requires more physical ability than mental ability (but it needs both).

    So a "genius tennis player" has excellent strategy. He knows exactly where to hit the ball to. But can he hit it there? Probably not. When serving, the best tennis players in the world hit many serves into the net. They know they shouldn't, but knowing doesn't help.
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