He is absolutely convinced of his position


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May I ask how we say in MSA and Egyptian dialect:

"He is absolutely covinced of his position"

My attempt is:

1. MSA
هو مقتنع اقتناعاً مطلقاً بموقفه

2. Egyptian
huwa muqtani3a tammaman bi ra'ii.

Thank you.
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    Unfortunately, I can't read your first sentence (code issue, I guess).

    Well, in MSA, I would say:

    هو مقتنع تماما بموقفه
    إنه مقتنع تماما بموقفه
    innahu muqtani3un tamaaman bimawqifihi


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    I have heard Egyptians say (in English) 'He is so sure of himself'. So I am guessing that this is the form that it would take... I dont know how to say this though.
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