He is half your size.


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Hi everybody:

I found two sentences when I searched the forum,
could somebody please tell me if there are any omitted prepositions in the sentences below?

"He is half your size"
"My house is twice the size of yours"
(See: EN: twice bigger / twice as big)

Can I say "He is half of your size" and ""My house is twice in the size of yours"?
Are there any differences between these two sentences and the original?
In which condition can I omit preposition?

Thank you for your help in advance! Any suggestions will be appreciated
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    "Twice" is an adverb there. The sentences you suggest are not correct/natural.
    Thank you Englishmypassion! Could you please tell me are there some rules about using adverb in a sentence like this? May I consider the structure of this sentence like something like "She was abroad all last summer"?
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