He is 'looking forward'. [describing posture]


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Hi everyone! :)

I'd like to describe a human posture but I don't know how I can describe it correctly.
Please help me on this.

It is a photo of a TV show named Monk. And I'd like to describe the man in the photo.

Here's my description.
He puts his left foot on a rock, right hand on his waist, and supports his head with his left hand.

I'm happy to hear your description!

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  • benein

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    Here's my new description. :D

    He is looking forward.

    is looking forward
    I was wondering if it is right to use the word "forward" here.

    My description could be wrong for so many reasons. :D
    So if there is some more natural and common expression, I would love to know!
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    "Looking forward" is possible, but I would say "He is facing straight ahead". We are talking about his position, not the direction of his gaze. At least, the direction of his gaze isn't clear to me.

    Other people may have other ideas. I hope they make suggestions.


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    'He is looking/staring straight ahead,' might be another possibility. Or maybe even something like: His gaze is fixed directly in front of him.

    I am sure others will have additional options/suggestions...
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