"He is nominated for an Oscar."

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Hello, I was wondering if the verb "nominate" can be used in the Present Simple Tense to represent the recipient of the nomination, for example, "He is nominated for an Oscar", or do we have to say, "He has/had been/was nominated for an Oscar"?
  • dojibear

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    I think you can use "is" and "has been" and "was", during the months between the nomination and the award. During that time each actor is in the "nominated" state.

    Years later, you just use "was". Being nominated (1 of 5, this year) is an award, even though it is less than winning the Oscar (1 of 1, this year). For an actor, each nomination is part of their history of accomplishments:
    - how many movies they acted in
    - how many movies they starred in
    - how many awards the won
    - how many award nominations they won
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