He is really an actor./She is really an actress.

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Can I say someone who is hypocritical, for example, I know someone who wants to get the trust of his friend and pretends to act to win the trust of his friend, is it okay to say so?

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Or perhaps "He is really an actor/She is really an actress" simply means itself and have no other meanings.
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    In context, people might understand what you mean, but by themselves, those sentences "simply mean themselves and have no other meanings", as you put it.

    Here are two idioms that do suggest dishonesty or hypocrisy:
    He/she puts on a good act.
    He/she makes a show of friendship, but they don't really mean it.

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    If you want to say he is hypocritical with these words, you could say, "He's a real actor". To me, "He is really an actor" means "He works as an actor", in spite of the particular context.
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