he is slack-bellied


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What does slack-bellied mean?

She was amazed to find herself a mother, more amazed still to realize that Cynthia’s father was a slack-bellied forty-year-old with a tattoo reading LOVE TO LIVE AND LIVE TO LOVE on one hairy arm.
Source: Endf Watch by Stephen King

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  • Hermione Golightly

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    'Bellied' means having a belly and if you look up 'slack' you'll see what sort of belly he had. That, his tattoo and the motto, suggest he's not the sort of man she wanted to father a child, or would have expected to have a relationship with, but the story will tell.

    I've never quite understood why hairy-arms seem to be a sign of uncouthness or is it simply short-hand for a very big and very strong, high-testosteroned, not too bright type. It's hard to believe there are no clever men with hairy arms
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