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    My sentence for translation: “He keeps on picking on me because I'm poor.”

    I.e. simply because I'm poor and my clothes are shabby, he keeps on and on saying nasty things to me and generally giving me a bad time - quite unjustifiably, of course.

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    Hi seitt:)!

    I'll have a go and will be interested to see what the experts have to say;):

    Τα βάζει μαζί μου συνέχεια επειδή είμαι φτωχή/φτωχός.
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    I'm afraid that Eltheza, quite accurate most of the times is not all so accurate this time around :)

    "Τα βάζω με κάποιον" means that I'm picking an argument with someone, I'm blaming someone. In this case I would go with "με κοροϊδεύει, με μειώνει, με δουλεύει" or "με ενοχλεί, με παρενοχλεί" (though the second one is not used all that often nowadays outside set phrases unfortunately).
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    Many thanks, excellent.
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    One more example from me: "Μου τη λέει/ μπαίνει"
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    Much obliged!
  7. Αγγελος Senior Member

    Όλο με πειράζει... is another possibility.

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