He kept twisting it back around to his plan.

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    Singer who is planned to sign by a label speaking with her manager:

    Manager: What's the roll-out look like?
    Singer: You know... record an album, hit the talk-show circuit, and then go on tour with an established artist to grow my fan base.
    Manager: No. No! Those are terrible ideas. Look, you... you are not a traditional artist. They can't try to sell you like one. What'd you say?
    Singer: I said what you told me to say, okay? But he just kept twisting it back around to his plan.


    1) What does he mean by "he kept twisting it back around to his plan"? I guess; "brought the conversation back to his plan", do you agree?

    2) Would it be fine if she said "he twisted it back around to his plan", without "kept"?

    3) Would it be fine if she said "he kept twisted it back to his plan", without "around"?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. archytas Member

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    Hi emre aydın.

    1) Yes.
    2) Yes, but this would mean it happened once rather than several times.
    3) "He kept twisted" is incorrect. "He twisted" or "He kept twisting" are correct. "around" is not necessary but the combination "back around" sounds natural in spoken English.
  3. emre aydın

    emre aydın Senior Member

    Thank you very much !
  4. truffe2miel

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    Hi !

    Yes, you are right in assuming he just didn't allow her point to be made and wanted to assert his own will.

    Yes, you could say so - but then it would mean that generally speaking at the end of things, the result was that he had not listened to her. What she stressed here, though, was that he had made so many times during the conversation.

    No, it wouldn't : he kept twisting (not twisted) it back" would simply mean that he always found a way to go back to his own plans. But this idiomatic expression also conveys a sense of twisting one's words => winding them, so that they finally suit more your ideas than what they actually say. It's a kind of rhetoric talking.
  5. emre aydın

    emre aydın Senior Member

    Yes, I'd seen that idiom; "twist someone's words".

    Thank you very much !
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