He left without asking her for her cell number.


France Français

I would like to translate this sentence to italian:

He left without asking her her cell number.

Can I say:

E partito senza chieder-le/la il suo numero du cellulare

I'm not sure about the le/la at the end of the verb. And also, do you know where I can find a good reliable site with all this kind of grammar stuff?

Thank you!

Remember that the thread's title must be the original language version, not your translation attempt. Thanks.
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    Hi Leo,

    Your version is more fluent, but doesn't it introduce a degree of ambiguity, in that the request could have been made to someone other than "her"?


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    Io direi "Se ne andò/se n'è andato senza chiederle..." much depends on the context (tense and choice of verb andarsene/partire)


    se n'è andato senza chiederle or è partito senza chiederle

    the ambiguity is impossible .. chiederLE means ask a woman
    for a man is chiederGLI, for many people is chiedere LORO
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