He loves his pipe a great deal better than his

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  1. aviatrice Member

    francais et allemand
    Bonjour , je n'ai pas compris cette expression et je ne sais quelle signification attribuer ici au mot "pipe" , (la pipe des fumeurs ?). Merci pour vos reponses futures.
  2. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    Where did you find it? A book? A badly printed book? A (Guardian) newspaper cutting with the edge missing?
    It surely should be "his pipe" (or possibly" 'is pipe", denoting the "h" hasn't been pronounced) and it must be "his ...(something)" at the end.
  3. Bordelais Senior Member

    English - British
    It is from Vanity Fair. It should be "his pipe" and it can only mean the smoking kind.

    Uncle Bob: in fact "better than his . . ." isn't followed by anything, because Amelia is too kind to complete the sentence!
  4. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    Thanks Bordelais. Found it.
    Perhaps, aviatrice, you didn't understand the following phrase "but here Amelia checked herself" meaning Amelia stopped herself (from finishing her sentence). (I don't know if it was going to end "...his friends", "...his family" or something else).
  5. aviatrice Member

    francais et allemand
    Oui , Amelia s'est interrompue au milieu de sa phrase c'est donc pour cela qu'il n'y avait pas de suite , qui aurait surement donne "his sister" En effet cette phrase est extraite de "Vanity Fair" vous avez une tres bonne memoire .

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