He made a dash for the elevator.


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I heard an American say this. "He made a dash for the elevator."

1. Does that mean someone was stationary or walking slowly and suddenly started running so as to catch the elevator? Or does that mean they were running? I mean does that imply the speed was suddenly changed?
2. Would BE say the same thing, just replacing "elevator" for "lift"?
  • It’s a common expression, in BE too. To make a dash for something is to rush towards it. To dash also means to run or rush hurriedly.
    The only thing it implies is that it didn't last too long (how far away can elevators be?) and that he was going much faster than normal walking pace. He was running or close to running. The general idea is that you might do that in order to catch the elevator car before it leaves. And you'd have to be close enough to know it was there.