he might well cut off your water and take out the meter

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Hello. Could you please tell me what "cut off your water and take out the meter" means? Is it a threat? Thank you.

“Ken Duke, Utilities Director will be Acting City Manager during my absence. Please give Ken your full cooperation, otherwise he might well cut off your water and take out the meter.”
Right in the City (Vol Ii): More Bizarre Tales, Volume 2
By Douglas W. Ayres
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    The water utility is often controlled by the city government in the US. The Utilities Director could order the water department to not only stop delivering water to your house but remove the equipment that makes it possible.


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    "Cutting off" water, gas, electricity, etc, to someone's house means disconnecting or blocking it. This typically results from non-payment for water or energy consumed.

    It sounds as though this threat was humorous, especially the mention of physical removal of the meter.
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