He mustn't have have gone too far/ gotten too far

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A person made away with a person's jewels. The police was called and they said:

Don't worry he mustn't have gone too far.
Don't worry he mustn't have gotten too far.

What should be used :"gone/gotten" and it was mean "Don't worry, he can't be far".

So can "gone/gotten" be used? I guess the second option sounds better out of the two.

Thank you:)
  • Barque

    So can "gone/gotten" be used?
    "Gotten" is American. If your target audience is Indian, you risk them not understanding you. You could say He can't have got very far.

    "Gone" works.

    "Mustn't" doesn't work. You need "can't". He can't have gone very far.


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    You could do it as "He can't have got far" in BE, but I agree with Barque: you need "can't" and not "mustn't".
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