He noticed the trackes of a deer

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story before this sentence haven't talked about "trackes" or "deer" anywhere.
Could you please clarify "the" before "tracks"?
Suddenly, he noticed the trackes of a deer in the sand near the stream.
From The Yearling.
  • Barque

    He noticed the specific tracks that some deer had made in the sand by the stream.

    It is tracks, not trackes.


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    'A deer' is new information, so 'a'. But what do we already know about deer? We know they have feet, tails, ears, and so on, and they make tracks. These are not new information. Likewise, when you walk into a room you can look at the floor and the walls. In a car you can touch the steering wheel and the seats. Once the new deer or room or car has been introduced, its natural parts (and natural productions like tracks) are already known.
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