He promised <me> to finish it.


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Which option does not complete the sentence?
He promised …
A) to finish it.
B) me to finish it.
C) me that he would finish it.
D) that his secretary would finish it.
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  • Uncle Jack

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    You are right that it is B.

    "Promise" is something of an awkward verb. There are probably exceptions, but the general rule is that when the direct object is an action, if there isn't an indirect object then the direct object can be a to-infinitive or a that-clause. However, if there is also an indirect object, then the indirect object must immediately follow the verb and the direct object has to be a that-clause (although the word "that" is often omitted).

    If the direct object is a noun, then the indirect object can come after the direct object, using the preposition "to".
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