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Hi there,
I am struggling with a line in a contract that need to be very clear.
It reads:
"At the termination of this contract, he shall not for a period of two years thereafter, do any of the following things:"

"Dès le résiliation du présent contrat il ne fera, pour une periode de deux ans par la suite, n'importe des choses qui suivent:"

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    J'ai souvent vu shall pour traduire le sens de devoir, c. à d. dans ce cas, dès la résiliation du présent contrat, il ne devra pas:


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    Dès la résiliation du présent contrat, il ne devra pas, et ce durant une période de deux ans, réaliser aucune de ces actions :

    Sorry i'm no expert in law !


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    I really think that "termination" in this context refers to the natural end of the contract - the expiry of the contract.

    Résiliation refers to termination by one of the parties.

    It's not really possible to tell from the sentence alone which is intended, but the first meaning - expiry - is what I would expect to see here. This is a "non-compete clause"? The things the person shall not do involve competing with the other party? In that case it's a standard clause and ordinarily refers to expiry.


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    If the intent is to cover both the termination by a party and the possible expiry of the contract, I would just say:
    "Une fois que le contrat aura pris fin, ..."


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    I agree with malesine there -- I'd wondered whether one might just say à la fin du contrat, but that's a little too simple, probably. ;)

    So I like malseine's proposal.
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