He spoke on the phone "vs" He was speaking on the phone.

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Which one is the most proper one:

- He was speaking on the phone while he was driving his car.
- He spoke on the phone while he was driving his car.
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    I would accept either version of this sentence. Here's another one that sounds acceptable: He spoke while/as he drove his car.

    I suppose that I get a more active image of the driver talking and driving when you use the progressive forms.

    Using the simple past merely reports the activities without emphasizing their ongoing or concurrent nature.
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    So, the two answers can be correct?
    I agree with Owlman; certainly both are correct.

    To explain the subtle difference further:

    "He spoke...while driving" says to me that at some point during the driving, if only very briefly, he spoke on the phone.

    "He was speaking...while driving" gives me a sense that the speaking was going on for some period of time, perhaps all the time he was driving.

    If I actually knew which had happened, I would choose one of these over the other.
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