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" he started running the horse."

Discussion in 'English Only' started by rituparnahoymoy, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. rituparnahoymoy Senior Member

    Assamese -India
    The dacoit was in the guise of a cripple beggar. When the hermit arrive at the spot. He asked for help to the hermit. The hermit took pity on the beggar not knowing who he really was. He offered the beggar a ride on the horse . As soon as the beggar rode the horse, he started running the horse. And from a distance laughed at the hermit. The hermit shouted at the dacoit that he can have the horse but requested the dacoit to not talk about this incident as people after knowing this will never help a poor guy in need.

    This is my attempt at a translation.

    I having some doubts in this sentence " he started running the horse." is correct in English?
  2. Egmont Senior Member

    Massachusetts, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    No, it isn't. What do you mean to say with this sentence? That the beggar/dacoit made the horse run, or gallop?

    By the way: I don't know what the audience for this translation is, but many Westerners don't know what a dacoit is. That's not an English word, though some English speakers will know it from reading works by Indian authors.
  3. rituparnahoymoy Senior Member

    Assamese -India
    Dacoit is a person who robs you off your wealth at gunpoint . I think I found the word " he mad the horse run"

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