He <tells><is telling> the detective

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Hello to all,

Thanks for reading my post.

Sample sentence:

Tom is telling detective Norman about his past life as a mafioso. He <tells><is telling> the detective about what happened after he killed Billy whose father was a council man. Salieri was the don of the family Tom was part of. Morello's family was at war with Salieri's family. Salieri was Morello's greatest competitor. In the end, Tom killed Don Morello. So, Morello didn't eliminate his greatest competitor.


I wrote the above sentence as a context for my earlier thread. Since Tom's telling the detective about killing Billy is a small part of the whole story (it interrupts the story), I used the simple present "tells." I wonder if both options are correct in this case.

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

  • Barque

    I used the simple present "tells."
    It's fine. Though "telling" would be correct grammatically, I prefer "tells" here too as you've already used "telling" in the previous sentence and this is a part of the entire story.
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