he thinks of as more glorious than his own

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I am trasnlating an article about Stendhal and his masterpiece The red and the black, and I have found this sentence that I cannot understand at all. Is thera anybody who could try to explain its meaning?
Background. the author is introducing the main character of the novel, Julien Sorel, and he says:
The hero, Julien Sorel, wears the black because in his day a poor youth with his special talents could advance himself only trhorugh the church, whereas julian's heart and imagination belong to the Napoleonic era "he thinks of as more glorious than his own".
I don't understand the meaning of the last part (that put in single quotes)
Thanks in advance for your help!
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    Apparently the hero does not live in the Napeolonic Era, but his heart and imagination are captivated by that era. He thinks of the Napoleonic Era as (being) more glorious than his own (era), whatever that era is.
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