He took him under his wing.

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    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, I wonder what idiom you use. Thanks.

    Hungarian Szárnyai alá vette. [the same as in English; szárnyai his wings alá under vette took]
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    פרש עליו את חסותו
    paras alav et khasuto
    literally: (he - the one who took him) spread on him his patronage.
    meaning he took him under his cover.
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    In Greek:

    «Τον πήρε υπό την σκέπη του» [tom 'bire i'po tin 'scepi tu]
    "He took him under his shelter"

    «Τον πήρε υπό την προστασία του» [tom 'bire i'po tin prosta'si.a tu]
    "He took him under his protection"

    «Τον πήρε υπό την αιγίδα του» [tom 'bire i'po tin eʝiða tu]
    "He took him under his shield"

    Fem. noun «σκέπη» ['scepi] < Classical fem. noun «σκέπη» sképē & neut. noun «σκέπας» sképas --> covering, shelter (with obscure etymology)

    Fem. noun «αιγίς» [e'ʝis] & colloquially «αιγίδα» [e'ʝiða] --> shield, protection < Classical fem. noun «αἰγίς» ægís --> lit. goatskin, metaph. goddess Athena's breastplate bearing the Gorgon's (Medusa) head < Classical fem. noun «αἴξ» ǽks, gen. «αἰγός» ægós --> ibex, goat (PIE *h₂eiǵ-, goat)
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    In Russian there is an analogic expression: "взять под крыло".
    "Взять (кого-либо) под (своё) крыло"/"to take smb. under (one's) wing".
    The pronoun "cвоё" can be dropped.

    Also you may say: "взять (кого-либо) под (свою) защиту/опеку/покровительство/патронаж"/"to take (smb.) under (one's) shelter/guardianship/protection/patronage".

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