He uses chips on my behalf


" He uses chips on my behalf"
Context: a senior exec is helping a junior staff to rise above some
Could it be: " Il mise en ma faveur " ? ou " Il me donne des conseils"?
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    ce genre de contexte ?
    “The Sponsor Effect” offers a robust, multi-dimensional definition:​
    A sponsor is someone who, at a minimum:​
    Uses chips on my behalf
    Advocates for my next promotion


    It's about mentoring in the workplace. Description of a mentor's behavior: " he uses chips on my behalf"- also " he advocates for my next promotion"
    Thanks Uncle Bob!

    The context you give doesn't allow one (me, at any rate) to even guess what the "chips" might be.


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    I agree with Uncle Bob ; The English is nonsensical.
    A sponsor advocates for my next promotion:tick:; A sponsor writes testimonials for me:tick:; A sponsor helps me financially:tick:;
    A sponsor plays poker on my behalf :confused:; A sponsor eats my chips from my "steak frites" so I won't get fat:confused:.
    Chips means "what" in this context? Poker chips and French fries look very unlikely in the sponsorship context.
    #6 looks the best answer, but chips are not used on the scales of fortune/justice.
    English also has that phrase : A sponsor tips the scales in my favour :tick:


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    "A sponsor is more aggressive on your behalf than a mentor, who offers advice. A sponsor bets on you and uses chips to promote your visibility, introduces you to people in positions of power, and advocates for your next promotion."

    Il s'investit personnellement?
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