He wanted to play football rather than watching/to watch tv


Hello everyone
Recently I've been wondering when I have to use the "ing form" with "rather then" .
I know I can say "he played football rather than watching tv".
But can I say "he wanted to play football rather than watching tv"?
Or do I have to use "rather than to watch" ?
Because the second verb is linked to "wanted to play" whereas in the first sentence it is not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated . :)
  • Edinburgher

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    It would be better to keep the parallelism, but you don't need to (and probably shouldn't) repeat 'to': He wanted to play football rather than watch TV.


    Thank you for your replies,now it's clear to me!
    I only have another question.
    Do I always have to keep the parallelism?
    I mean if I had used the "ing form" rather than the other form would it have been totally incorrect?

    Thanks again!
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