He was all up in Luke's grill.

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What does the phrase "He was all up in Luke's grill" mean in the following context.?

Luke is the name of a character in a TV show, "The OC".

He is Ryan, another character in the show, who is at war (or fight)
with Luke at this point. Before this scene, Ryan hit Luke in the face twice in separate occassions.

The following is an excerpt from the script.
The "Guy" in the script is one of Luke's close friends.


Guy: (to Luke) Seriously dawg, we find that punk's (Ryan's) trailer park and burn it to the ground.

Summer: Who dat?

Guy: That freak from Chino. He was all up in Luke's grill.

Summer: Maybe he's on OxyContin. OxyContin is gnarly.

Holly: Okay, I heard he's like a total psycho.

Luke: He's a little bitch. I see that kid around again I'm going to beat his ass.

Guy: Yeah, run him out of Newport for sure.


Thanks :)
  • Siberia

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    I think he is saying that "he was in his face" Grill usually refers to teeth in slang.
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