He was born in the ash among the Velothi, anon Chimer.

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    Salve a tutti, sono in confusione con la traduzione della seguente frase, si tratta del Primo Sermone di un libro fantasy all'interno di un gioco fantasy:

    "He was born in the ash among the Velothi, anon Chimer."

    Il mio dubbio è riguardo la locuzione "anon", secondo l'Urban Dictionary vi sono due interpretazioni plausibili:

    (2) anon : Archaic english word meaning "soon",
    (3) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'later, after a while,' contradicting (2)

    Per cui il mio tentativo diventa:

    "Nacque nella cenere tra i Velothi, più tardi Chimer."
    (Nel senso che più tardi furono chiamati Chimer al posto di Velothi)

    Grazie in anticipo a tutti.
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    Your interpretation is as good as any. I think often writers of fantasy novels, try to imitate what they think is old English, not always successfully. I could be wrong, but I've never seen anon used this way.
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    There is some discussion about the derivation, but Chaucer, for example, used the form "in one", and there are different dialect forms which mean the same thing. In the OP, definition 3) does not really conflict with 2). "Anon" often meant (and still means when some of us use it) "soon", "in a short while". So an alternative would be "who soon were known as the Chimer", "che ben presto furono conosciuti come i Chimer".
    (I read a bit more of the "sermoni", and it does seem that this transition happened relatively quickly).

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