He was fine about it.

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  1. TimB New Member

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    I am struggling to come up with a translation for "He was fine about it" meaning that someone had worried about how someone else would react to a certain situation, but in fact there was nothing to worry about because the other person did not have a problem with the situation, that is to say "he was fine about it"

    My attempt.
    Il n’avait pas de problème avec la situation.
    It seems to work but i wonder if there is a specific phrase that is better?
  2. Itisi

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    It depends on the context. For example:
    Il a bien pris la chose.
    Ça ne l'a pas dérangé/gêné
  3. TimB New Member

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    Ça marche. Merci Itisi.
  4. Olof

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    Ça ne lui posait aucun problème !

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