he was rewarded with a slow, rough turning

Gordon snatched up a metal flask from the shift well. It sloshed! Gordon swore as he twisted and pried at the cap. He pounded it against the door frame, then attacked it again.
Frustration made his eyes tear, but at last he felt the cap give. Soon he was rewarded with a slow, rough turning, and then the heady, distantly familiar aroma of whiskey.--from <the postman> by David Brin
What does the 'a slow, rough turning' here means? Does the 'turing' means 'a swig'? many thanks.
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    No, he's still trying to unscrew the cap. It is rough perhaps because of rust or some other reason, so it doesn't unscrew easily. It is stuck, then it begins to turn, slowly... and it is rough-sounding and rough-feeling because it hasn't been opened in a while and doesn't want to open.
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