He was suffering from pains _____ his stomach.


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cloze test

He was suffering from pains _____ his stomach.

A. in B. of

The key is A that's Ok. But I think B is also suitable.

I think ”pains of his stomach“ could be viewed as a noun phrase and "of his stomach" is the genitive case of "pains".

Is my analysis correct?

Could you tell me why B is incorrect for that sentence?
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    While it's grammatically correct, I don't think anyone would say B. It's the equivalent of "his stomach's pains" which is also not something anyone would say. We don't think of stomach pains as "belonging" to the stomach. However, I can imagine a rather old-fashioned or formal person or perhaps a medical professional saying "pains of the stomach."


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    Hello GF,

    "Pains to the stomach..." that's an interesting expression and I'm not even sure I've heard it before. It would make me assume someone was complaining of pains radiating to the stomach from someplace else, and would likely prompt a question from me such as "...pains to the stomach coming from where i.e. originating where?"

    I wonder if it may be a BrE/AE difference?
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