He wedged on a bench

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She was in a New York bar, drinking beer, listening to a band, and she was in love with the guitar player.
She was alone at a table near the stage and she had a pile of ATM-fresh twenties in front of her and she was paying for each new bottle with one of them and she wasn’t asking for change.
There was a guy further back in the room, wedged on an upholstered bench, staring at her. Her bodyguard, presumably.
Source: No Middle Name by Lee Child
Contex: Self-explanatory. Beginning of a new novella.

What does wedge on mean? Just sitting on the edge?

Thank you.
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    Have you looked at the definitions for "wedge"? It means to be packed tightly into a narrow space - the man was larger than the bench was designed for.


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    This is rather strange usage - normally something, or someone, is wedged in - wedged means forced/fitted into something, usually a small space, and done with difficulty. Imagine a large (fat or muscular) man sitting in a small booth in a diner or bar - there's not much space for him, perhaps he's being squeezed by the table. He is wedged into the booth. Wedged on doesn't make much sense to me.
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