He who hesitates is lost, Vacilar es Perdernos

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Jigoku no Tenshi

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Hello Everybody

How do you write "He who hesitates it's lost" and/or "Vacilar es Perdernos" in kanji, katakana and hiragana?

I asked for "He who hesitates it's lost" because even if originally was said by Joseph Addison in the XVIII century but it was also said by "Forte"(Bass) from the game "Rockman 7"(Megaman 7), that's why I ask about how is it in Japanese, I guess If you've played this game, you'd know How it is.
"Vacilar es Perdernos" was said by Simon Bolivar in the XIX cetury, in different context, but they both means pretty much the same, if you quote them

Please, I'd like to add this to my signature, because I like Japanese a lot, It's a shame I can't learn it right know

I hope you can help
  • Flaminius

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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    Tamerau mono-wa shinu.
    He who hesitates, dies.

    or maybe you want to use a more literary word for "die";
    ________ inochi-o otosu.
    literally "drops his life"!
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