He won't last for tomorrow

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Hello everybody

A terrorist attack happened and a man was shot in the heart. He was taken to the hospital. The doctor said to his wife:
I'm afraid he won't last for tomorrow.
Does the highlighted part sound correct and natural in English?

Please tell me your opinion.
  • keramus

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    I made up this story to provide context. I looked up "last" in Cambridge dictionary and it says: to continue to exist.
    For this reason, I decided to ask this question.

    Sparky Malarky

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    The problem with your sentence is "He won't last for tomorrow." It makes it sound as though there is something special happening tomorrow but he will miss it. ("Doctor! I don't care if he dies, I only want him to live long enough to sign papers tomorrow! Will he live that long?" -- "No. He will not last long enough to do that.")

    The most common way to say this is "He won't last the night." or "He won't last a week." But this sounds quite cold and would be a rude way for a doctor to give such bad news.
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