He would gain weight but he___enough


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He would gain weight but he___enough
A wouldn't eat B didn't eat C doesn't eat D hadn't eaten

Which one is right? I think maybe C is ok?:confused:
  • I think it means that it is a certainty, i.e. the only thing stopping him from gaining weight is his lack of eating. Otherwise it would be "could". Anyone else?
    I think i would choose A.

    For me, the sentence means that he knows that he would be gaining weight, but still he wouldn't stop eating (in other words, he wouldn't eat enough)
    So, here "would" means " possibly will", but "not probably",right?

    I'm with Difficult Cuss on this one. It's not a possibility or probability; it's a certainty.

    "He would gain weight if he ate doughnuts every day"

    This is an absolute certainty. And if you said:

    "He would gain weight but he won't eat doughnuts every day", it's still a certainty.

    "C" is the answer.
    Wantonzeus, I think that you have misunderstood the sentence. It would have to be. He knows that he is gaining weight but he still eats too much. If that were what was meant
    Choosing A makes a senseless sentence.