1. Lunaya Senior Member


    I'm still working on the description of a composition by Tony Conrad (Fantastic Glissando), and I have trouble finding the exact musical term in French for a specific word. The description runs as follows :

    "stereo-phase glissando, produced by sone-wave oscillator processed through pump couter. Identical channels, but with head gap delay."

    Does someone know how to translate "head gap delay"?

    thanks in advance
  2. piloulac

    piloulac Senior Member

    français France ♂
    Le termium propose "hauteur de tête" pour head gap.
    Voir ici.
  3. Lunaya Senior Member

    Merci! Est-il possible dans ce cas de parler de "delay de la hauteur de tête"?
  4. piloulac

    piloulac Senior Member

    français France ♂
  5. Glasguensis

    Glasguensis Signal Modulation

    English - Scotland
    Is that the article you intended? Since it's in English I'm not sure how it's going to help.

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