Head of Crowd Tuition

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Good afternoon,

I've just finished seeing the most recent installment of "Harry Potter" (Hooray!:D).

I like to stay until the movie completely ends (all the credits! - because of the movie "Alien"),
and I noted a new phrase I'd never seen before (and I live just a few miles from Hollywood).

"Head of Crowd Tuition"

I understand "Head of" and "crowd" :) but not "crowd tuition".

It sounds VERY BE, so I was wondering if our BE experts might enlighten me.

So what does that person do?:)

  • Dimcl

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    I've not heard the term before but if I had to guess, I would suggest that this is the guy who tutors the extras involved in the crowd scenes on how to behave, etc. when the cameras are rolling.


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    Children and teenagers under a certain age must receive lessons from a certified teacher while they are working on a film. Since this is a Harry Potter film that has large numbers of teenagers in the cast, my first guess would be that the Head of Crowd Tuition is the person in charge of making sure that the young people who have non-speaking roles (sitting in classrooms or refectory, walking around carrying books...) are properly taught. Since the films are British, "head of tuition" seems quite a reasonable name for this position. (It makes me think that the children with more major roles enjoy different arrangements.)


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    I've never come across (or noticed) it before, Tim, and, like you, I tend to sit and read credits at the end of a film ... on the look-out for new absurdities ("Lassie's stylist" etc.) I would have guessed the same as Dimcl. I'm sure Nunty's person would have a separate credit: Head of Junior Crowd Tuition:D


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    Nunty wins:D
    In productions where there is only one child involved, the parent very often acts as chaperone. However, in large-scale productions such as Harry Potter, where hundreds of children may descend on the studios in one day, they are organised by head of crowd-tutoring Ian Hoskin into groups of about ten, with a chaperone. Each group is allotted a tutor and a temporary classroom for the day. The principals, on the other hand, are educated separately at the studios by full-time tutors under the headship of senior tutor Janet Willis. Unlike the child extras, they will not be attending school for several months.


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    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

    So the "Head of Crowd Tutoring" is, of course, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!:D

    I thank you all!:thumbsup:
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