'headquarters is' vs 'headquarters are'

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Headquarters IS / ARE located in Augusta, Maine.

When do you properly follow 'headquarters' with 'is' and 'are'?

Could you cite a couple of examples to illustrate the differentiation?

Thank you.
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    Depends whether "headquarters" is singular or plural.

    If you're talking about the headquarters of one company (singular) for example, you would say:
    The headquarters of Company X is in Location Z.

    If it's 2 or more companies (plural) then:
    The headquarters of Companies X and Y are in Location Z.


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    Please see this previous thread: Headquarters, singular or plural?

    You will see a diversity of opinion. IF you have an additional question you can ask it there. It should be about a specific sentence, either one already in the thread, or one you have been wondering about.

    We don't offer examples. You are welcome to follow these instructions to find examples yourself:
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