heal after an affair

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Ashley Qin

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Hello English speakers:
Are you seeking how to heal after an affair? Do you know why marriage is so fragile?
Does the red part make sense? Is it correct and natural? Could I say "heal after an affair" or "heal from an affair"? I intend to say "heal from the pain after being cheated/an affair".
  • coiffe

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    Is it important in your statement to convey who cheated and who "got" cheated on? I ask because of your last sentence.

    But the passage in red is actually quite fine just as it stands, without any change.


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    Is it all about women, or both women and men? (I ask because you might be able to use "wife" or "husband" in your title.)
    For example, if it's the men who are cheating, you could say things like:

    How to heal after your husband cheats
    The healing process after being cheated on
    The healing process after being humiliated by your husband's cheating

    Note, "cheat on" is a phrasal verb and most native speakers would say "John cheated on Sally," they would not say "John cheated Sally." The last statement could refer to money or other things, but "cheated on" refers to sex.

    Do you want to convey anger? You could say something like:

    The healing process after some slut breaks your marriage.

    These are just some thoughts. You could also say:

    In marriage, two is love, three is a tragedy
    Can marriage survive an affair?
    Healing after an affair destroys everything
    (this is a bit ambiguous)
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