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    When is it better to use "health care" split?
    For example, talking about a facility, I understand it is preferable to write "Health Care Home" instead of "Healthcare Home".
    In other cases healthcare, one word, seems to be preferable.
    Or is it just my personal deduction?
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    I don't think it's a matter of choosing one or other according to the situation. The word is common in either spelling, which mean the same thing, but I think inconsistency (say within a document, or a website, etc.) looks careless. I would choose one spelling and stick to it.

    There is a possible ambiguity in "Health Care Home" and such ambiguities tend to arise with complex nouns like this: is it a healthcare home or a health care-home? But what is a health care-home anyway? I think the risk of misunderstanding is minor, and although Healthcare Home eliminates it, to change your regular spelling from health care to healthcare just a fix a single phrase is a cure worse than the disease.
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    Asti, Piemonte
    Thank you for your answer.
    A Health Care Home" is a facility whose realization is in the pipeline and which will provide health services to people living outside city centers. An average Italian province will count on 5/6 to 10/12 HCHs. Their basic goal is that of easing the pressure on Emergency Rooms in Hospitals where the crowding is often unjustified and inappropriate. They are meant to be a decentralized health care reference point throughout the territory.
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    Thank you.

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